DJA to hold national symposium to improve judiciary

Department of Judicial Administration (DJA) has decided to hold a national symposium to enhance the judiciary in the country.

Speaking to media regarding the plans of DJA, Judicial Administrator Dr. Abdulla Nazeer said under the initiative of the Chief Justice, a national symposium will be held to enhance the judicial sector of the country and to solve the issues in the judiciary of Maldives.

Moreover, Abdulla Nazeer revealed during the symposium, discussions will widely focused on enhancing the judiciary and retaining the trust of the general public towards the judicial sector. Nazeer noted there will be issues which must be solved within the three powers of state, adding efforts of reform have already begun. He highlighting the main aim of holding a national symposium with stakeholders of the sector is to establish an unbiased judiciary in the country, while ensuring protection and independence of courts.

DJA has asked the public to come forward directly to the authority with any suggestions to improve the judiciary of Maldives.