Environment Ministry to plant trees on Male' Ring Road

Ministry of Environment has geared up to plant trees on Male' Ring Road to make the area look greener.

In efforts to develop the road, the past administration has cut down trees in the area. However, the environment ministry has revealed efforts are underway to plants trees in the area, adding the task of retrieving trees to be planted in the roads has been initiated.

In an interview to PSM News, Director General Mohamed Zahir said the ring road was designed to plant trees on one side with pot trees placed on the other side. He revealed assessments are being done to identify the type of trees that can be planted in the area.

Furthermore, trees will also be planted on other main roads, parks and other public spaces in the capital city, according to environment ministry. The greenery in the capital city has diminished along with mega development projects.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has inaugurated a nationwide tree plantation programme, as part of his 100-day goals. As part of his environment related pledges, the president has initiated a campaign to reduce single-use plastic at government institutes, and launched the national cleaning exercise.