50% of Maldivian islands have undergone land degradation

Minister of State for Environment Dr. Abdulla Naseer has revealed about 50% of Maldivian islands have undergone land degradation and are experiencing desertification.

Speaking at the ceremony held to inaugurate the nationwide tree plantation programme, State Minister Abdulla Naseer noted some islands in Maldives does not have any greenery as trees and plants have been removed to make way for development. He said 50% of the nearly 200 inhabited islands are without any form of greenery and it is a very worrisome issue.

The state minister highlighted with Maldives possessing a very delicate environment, the protection of the surrounding environment should be of importance and a great resource in the development of human welfare. He emphasised as numerous land reclamation projects are conducted across the country, efforts should be exerted in enhancing the greenery of the areas by planting trees and plants.

Addressing the ceremony, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih said development and progress should be attained without compromising the natural habitat and environmental values. The nationwide tree plantation programme was inaugurated as part of the as part of the first 100-day goals of the administration.