71,000 students completed Farukoe Programme this year

Ministry of Education has revealed over 71,000 students completed the Farukoe Programme initiated to familiarise students with the environment.

With the programme successfully concluding this year, 92% of the students participated in the programme, according to the education ministry. In this regard, according to education ministry, 71,283 students successfully completed the programme. Moreover, education ministry stated 213 schools in Maldives stopped the usage of single use plastic and 70 schools have arranged ways to collect plastic.

Farukoe Programme was initiated by education ministry to allow students to become more conscious of the environment, the reef and the ocean, and take an active role in understanding the marine life. The education ministry hopes the experiential learning will help children explore the reef, fall in love with the marine life and become ambassadors of the ocean and protect it.

Farukoe Programme is associated with Ministry of Tourism, Cambridge University Press, South Asia, private diving centres, resorts and other environmental non-governmental organisations.