Crossroads Maldives acquires new ferry fleet for operation

The largest integrated tourism destination in Maldives, Crossroads Maldives, has acquired a new fleet of ferries that will carry guests between the resort, Velana International Airport (VIA) and the capital, Male' City.

The new ferries are designed with water jet propulsion instead of conventional propellers to reduce damages to marine lives and corals, making them especially suitable for the geography of the Maldives. To ensure sustainable and environmental-friendly operations, the ferry complies with MARPOL standards to maintain a zero-waste policy and ensures waste is kept on-board each vessel until it can be safely disposed. The boat also employs the latest, cutting-edge, low emission diesel engine technology.

CEO of Jalboot Holdings LLC Mohamed Roestali revealed the aim is to closely involve the local communities in all of its efforts, and ensuring sustainability values are exercised at every level, from recreational activities to environmental conservation and resort's operation.

The first year of Crossroads Maldives will see the operation of four ferries, with two vessels servicing guests arriving from VIA and two vessels servicing Maldivians and residents from Male'. The catamaran-style dual hulled, water-jet and diesel engine powered crafts are 17 metres long, with a maximum capacity of 60 passengers and equipped with the latest safety measures, navigation and communications technology.

The vessels are International Association of Class Societies (IACS) classified and built in compliance with SOLAS international standards, comprising many standard safety features such as life jackets for every passenger, a dedicated life raft on board and emergency exits. The vessels are also equipped with state-of-the-art fire detectors and mitigation equipment, digital distress signals, emergency DSC transmitters and EPIRB floating emergency beacons.

Crossroads Maldives, launched by Thai-based Singha Estate Public Limited Company, is the most comprehensive and investment tourism project undertaken in Maldives. The development of multi-island integrated leisure and entertainment resorts would transform the face of the Greater Male' Region.