Addu Fisheries Complex to begin operations in December

Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company Limited (MIFCO) has revealed the Addu Fisheries Complex will begin operations in December. The development of the Addu Fisheries Complex has now been completed which includes the installing of ice making plants, according to MIFCO.

Although 80 employees have been hired, MIFCO revealed more will be employed when operations begin. The fisheries complexes established across the country by MIFCO aims to provide fast and efficient services for local fishermen. 1,500 tonnes of fish can be frozen and stored in the Addu Fisheries Complex, according to MIFCO.

Maldivian fishermen face difficulty in selling fish during the fishing season due to lack of fish buying and storing capacity across the country. In its efforts to enhance the fisheries sector of Maldives, the administration has been establishing ice storage facilities across the country.