Direct flights to South Africa to enhance Addu economy

Addu International Airport Private Limited says it expects the economy of the region will be enhanced upon commencement of direct flights between South Africa and Addu City.
Speaking at a press conference, Managing Director of Addu International Airport Private Limited Mohamed Latheef stated it is expected around 5,000 tourists will arrive to the city within a week when flights are commenced from South Africa, adding it will enhance the economy in the region. In this regard, Mohamed Latheef added it will serve to develop the guest house businesses and the tourism in the region.
In addition, Latheef said direct links to South Africa will enable to export local products easier. Moreover, during the press conference, Mohamed Latheef revealed the station audit has been completed before the commencement of the flights. Citing the station audit, Latheef said the runway and apron of Gan International Airport meets the safety standards required by South African Airlines.
The first flight from South Africa to Maldives is scheduled to land on November 24. In this regard, four weekly flights are scheduled to arrive from South African city of Johannesburg to Addu City.