There is no further development that can be brought to Hulhumale': Minister Saeed

Economic Minister Mohamed Saeed has stated development brought to Hulhumale' during the first four years of the current administration are unparalleled. The Economic Minister made the statement in response to Maldivian Democratic Party MDP's presidential candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Salih's claim, that there was room for further development in Hulhumale'. In response to the statement by the opposition coalition's presidential candidate, the Economic Minister compared the development brought to Hulhumale' during the first four years of the current administration, to the development brought in the fifteen years prior to that.

The Economic Minister stated, on conclusion of the housing and commercial projects being carried out in Hulhumale', there would be no further development that can be brought to Hulhumale'. Posting before and after photographs of Hulhumale', the Economic Minister tweeted that if one took a look at the development brought to Hulhumale' by the current administration, the difference between tangible results and day dreaming would be evident.

He therefore, called on the opposition coalition to talk about new developmental ventures. Although MDP's Presidential Candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Salih advocates a development plan for Hulhumale' formulated by the opposition, so far, no details have been revealed about the plan. A large part of President Abdulla Yameen's pledge to develop Hulhumale' as a "Youth City" is now being realised.

Numerous services are available to the public under Phase I of Hulhumale. Under Phase II, technology is being integrated into the development of Hulhumale', to generate sustainable benefits. Some such projects include the mega housing project 'Hiya' and the largest energy project to be implemented in the country; the 'Fifth Power Project', in addition to tertiary healthcare facilities.

Hulhumale' is being developed as a destination that could cater to a floating population. The biggest project that facilitates this vision is the construction of the SinaMale' Bridge, which connects Male' City and Hulhule'. On conclusion, the project is expected to significantly alleviate difficulties faced by the citizens.