95,000 re-registration forms have been received: Elections Commission

President of Elections Commission of Maldives Ahmed Shareef has revealed 95,000 re-registration forms have been submitted by the deadline. He added the number of forms will increase once submissions made to island councils are collected by the elections commission.
Ahmed Shareef expressed over 61,800 forms have been processed and noted the total number of re-registered population will be confirmed once all forms are processed, highlighting the commission expects to reveal the exact figure within two days.
The number of citizens re-registered have increased to 30% of the voting population, compared to the presidential election held in 2013, said Ahmed Shareef, lauding the assistance of political parties, universities, colleges and other institutions for their efforts.
While 85% of the preparations are completed by the commission, over 7,000 individuals have applied to work as officials during the election.
The presidential election is scheduled to be held on September 23.