Environment Police officially begins work

Maldives Police Service has officially inaugurated Environment Police Force.
The Environment Police was formed in collaboration with Ministry of Environment and Energy to assist the government in its efforts to ensure the cleanliness of Maldives is kept and to put a halt on the dumping of waste on the roads.
Speaking at a press conference, Minister of Environment and Energy Thoriq Ibrahim stated the service of the police force is an additional boost to the efforts of the government to achieve a cleaner, greener Maldives.
The constabulary force will take action against individuals who violate waste management regulations as stated by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Meanwhile, acting Commissioner of Police Abdulla Nawaz said the force wishes to advice rather than imposing a fine.
In March, Maldives Police Service, Waste Management Corporation (WAMCO), and the environment ministry signed an agreement to form the Environment Police. As part of the agreement, the Environment Police will patrol and also take action against individuals who transport waste illegally.