Ismehela Hera Resort to be opened in December

Management of Ismehela Hera Resort has stated the development of the resort will be completed and open for business in December 2018.
69% of the civil work has been completed and development of the resort will be completed with 100 rooms, CEO of Ismehela Hera Moosa Didi stated in an interview with PSM News. The four star resort will be developed in 3 phases and phase one will be completed with 60 beach villas, 30 water villas, 20 ocean villas, and with a spa and a restaurant. When the project is fully completed, two beautiful mangrove areas of the island also will be developed. Development of land rooms, development of pillars of water bungalows, harbour, arrival jetty and the restaurant is currently underway, according to the management of the resort.
Moreover, the management stated with the development of the resort over 600 job opportunities will be opened from the resort, with 80% of the jobs set for Maldivians. The development of Ismehela Hera was initiated by the government in efforts to open job opportunities for the citizens of Addu city.