10.6% increase on tourist arrivals on May 2018

Ministry of Tourism has revealed tourist arrivals registered a growth of 10.6% in May this year compared to the same month of last year. A total of 92,913 tourists arrived in Maldives in May this year, according to monthly statistics of Ministry of Tourism is an increase of 10.6% compared to May last year.
With over 92,000 tourist arrivals to Maldives in May 2018, 632,729 tourists have arrived in Maldives so far this year.
Tourism Ministry stated the most number of tourist arrivals in May were from European countries with 56% of the total tourist arrivals. During May this year, 38% of the tourist arrivals were from Asia and the Pacific, according to statistics.
Tourism Ministry revealed most number of tourist arrivals this year was recorded in February.
Top five markets this month include China, Italy, Germany, U.K and Russia.
Tourist arrivals this year on monthly terms has seen a boost comparing to the same period last year, according to statistics from tourism ministry.