Government spent over USD 49 million to develop southern Fuvahmulah city

During the past five years, the government has embarked on numerous urban development projects across the country. In this regard, several projects were initiated and carried out in Fuvamulah city.
Within the past five years, 41 projects were commenced on the city, with most of them completed and some of the projects still ongoing, according to the government of Maldives. Major projects initiated especially for the city includes road development project and establishing water and sewerage system.
The establishment of clean water and sewerage project which costs over USD 19 million is ongoing under the government public sector investment program (PSIP). Government of Maldives has previously revealed that out of the USD 19 million spent on the project, USD 12 million are granted from the government of Kuwait, with the remaining USD 7 million spent from the government. Moreover, under the USD 2 million road development project commenced in the Fuvahmulah City 2.9 kilometres of one of the biggest roads of the city, Naibuthuhthu Road will be tarred and renewed.
Furthermore, the government has prioritised several socially beneficial projects within the past few years. In this regard, government has started projects to establish a radar system to develop a better monitoring system, works of developing a futsal ground in the sports arena in addition to establishing an agriculture corporative under the fisheries and agriculture diversification project and providing equipment to the youth centre.
Moreover, projects to increase the size of schools and hospitals, establishing a police station and a fire station, providing a 100kilowatts generator to the power house and construction of 200 flats have been completed in the city. In the past five years the government has spent over 49 million U.S. dollars just to the projects conducted in Fuvahmulah city.