Participation for the Photography Ambassador programme opens

Maldives Marketing and Public Relation Co-operation (MMPRC) has opened the second photography ambassador programme for participation. Photography Ambassador Programme is an initiative of MMPRC to encourage photographers to advertise the natural beauty of Maldives.
The first programme was completed in a year and 5 photographers were selected to take photographs under 4 different themes. The second programme will be vaguely different as opportunity would be opened for 6 photographers under 5 different themes, according to MMPRC.
The themes include, thrilling side of life, romantic side of life, Maldivian side of life, spiritual side of life, aerial photography and underwater photography. The winners will be selected after examining the experience, career and the social media activity of the participants.
MMPRC revealed it has set the deadline for the second Photography Ambassador Programme until June 7. The participants will be assisted in the field of photography, with a special exhibition held to showcase the photographs, according to MMPRC.