Fuel farm once completed will directly fuel aircrafts: MACL

Maldives Airports Company Limited reveals the establishment of the new fuel farm will enable fuelling of the aircraft by a hydrant pipeline without having to move the aircraft.
Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL) aims to develop a new fuel farm that will consist of 3 fuel tanks, as part of the expansion project of Velana International Airport. The development of the new fuel farm, which would triple the current capacity of fuel storage, was contracted to Beijing Urban Construction Group (BUCG). The China-based company is also contracted to develop the new runway and the new cargo terminal.
The new fuel farm is being developed in two phases, with 3 fuel tanks established in the first phase. A further two fuel tanks can be established with regard to the fuel demand and storage limits, according to MACL. Jet fuel, diesel and petrol storage facilities will be established under the fuel farm development project. In this regard, the fuel farm can hold a capacity of 45 million tonnes of jet fuel.
Once the tanks are established, MACL will begin to provide fuel to aircraft by a hydrant pipeline. This will enable direct fueling of aircraft rather than fueling the aircraft from a fuel bowser. The pipelines would cross a length of 8.4 kilometres, according to MACL.