Maldives decides to ban use of plastic in schools

Ministry of Education has decided to ban use of plastics in all schools of Maldives starting from next week.
The plastic ban programme is to be held as part of the "Farukoe Programme," initiated by the Ministry for school children across the country to learn firsthand about the importance of protecting the oceans and the marine habitat, revealed the Education Ministry.
The programme will allow the students to explore the oceans and become more conscious of environment, reef and the ocean, and take an active role in understanding the marine life. It focuses on connecting the students, educators and all the children of Maldives to become the Voice for the Ocean school. The "Farukoe Programme" calls for the banning of single use plastics.
While Education Ministry has embarked on banning use of plastics in schools, it is notable that already it is practiced in some schools in Maldives.