Chinese tourist arrival unaffected by acts of opposition: Ambassador

Ambassador of Maldives to China Mohamed Faisal has stated the Chinese tourist arrivals have remained stable and unaffected following the political tactics orchestrated by the opposition in the past few months.
AmbasThe acts orchestrated by the opposition have caused cancellation of bookings by some tourists but these are a very small and diminutive amount, Ambassador Mohamed Faisal revealed in an exclusive interview with PSM News. In this regard, the Maldivian Ambassador said this can be proven by the incline in the Chinese tourist arrival in January and February of this year. sador Mohamed Faisal noted the Chinese people and the Chinese tour agents are well aware of the political situation in Maldives and have the full belief the country is safe for travelling tourists.
Continuing on, Ambassador Mohamed Faisal expressed hope the political situation would de-escalate by October of this year, as the election held in September would bring political stability to Maldives. Ambassador Faisal called on all people to refrain from carrying out any extreme action to achieve a political agenda as the number of tourists travelling to Maldives has been increasing monthly.
The Ambassador noted the embassy in China, in association with Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC), have activities planned to further promote Maldives as a tourist destination in China.
The Chinese tourist arrivals in February of this year has grossed over 59 thousand which is an increase of over 8 percent compared to the same month of last year, according to latest statistics published by Ministry of Tourism.