World Travel Writers' conference concludes at Bandos Maldives

World Travel Writers' conference 2017 (WTWC) has concluded at Bandos Maldives.

The first ever Global Travel Writers' conference was held at Bandos Maldives resort, attended by 15 writers, bloggers, vloggers, social media celebrities and award winning photographers from 10 different nationalities, including India, Russia, America, Ireland, United Kingdom, Philippines, Holland, and Australia. World Travel Writers' Conference, had keynote speakers delivering speeches and panel discussions. Themes for the keynote speeches include; progressive economy and sustainable tourism, progressive economy and sustainable tourism, keeping a memory to a moment otherwise gone and bringing the travel destination story to life through immersive technology. In addition to this experts shared their expertise in the topics such as turning factual travel stories into crafted narratives, storytelling through digital: every travel experience starts with a search and are luxury destinations failing in their storytelling.

img:|World Travel Writers' conference 2017 - Photo: PSM News

Minister of Tourism Moosa Zameer launched conference at the opening ceremony which was attended by several high level officials of Public Service Media (PSM) and tourism operators of the country. Maldives TV has been a remarkable platform to promote Maldives tourism to the global market, adding that the initiative by Maldives TV opens new marketing opportunities for the industry, Minister Moosa Zameer said while addressing the key note.


Concept and idea of the World Travel Writers Conference is the power of storytelling in Travel Marketing, Director, Marketing and E-commerce of PSM, Ibrahim Nasreen stated. Digital content greatly influences consumers in their travel planning, starting with the first stages of the consumer journey and 65% of traveler's research online before they decide their destination, Nasreen said.

Manager of Maldives TV Samhaan Hameed, also addressed the opening ceremony. It is a benchmark for Maldives TV to be hosting a large event like the World Travel Writers Conference at a short time, Samhaan highlighted. Noting that media has become an important tool in our daily lives, Samhaan said that it has the power to reach global audiences

The World Travel Writers Conference was the first such conference hosted and organized by Maldives, through an initiative of the first ever international TV channel of the country, Maldives TV. Relevant ministries, government companies and non-governmental organizations as well as established businesses in the tourism sector have also partnered with PSM for the conference.