Salda Lake dubbed "Turkey's Maldives"

Salda Lake, a lake in a southern province of Turkey has been reputed as "Turkey's Maldives" in recent years, for its white beach and clear water, has become a favorite spot for tourists, amid the summer season.

Maldives is a renowned tourist destination, which many countries in the world are now taking as an exemplary destination in the tourism sector. Praises are always sung amongst travel enthusiasts regarding the white sandy beaches, under water flora and fauna as well as model hospitality of Maldivians. Maldives is not merely just a destination now, but rather a brand, which is a dream destination on the top of the bucket list for many.

It would not be wrong to label the country as one of the top destinations for tourists. The fact that other natural destinations seek to duplicate the services provided by Maldives in looks and quality is evidence of the country's stature in the tourism sector. One such destination is the Salda Lake in the southern province of Burdur's Yeşilova district of Turkey. This area is dubbed the "Turkish Maldives", offering visitors natural beauty of blue and green.


Hurriyet Daily News reports that the surroundings of the lake provide accommodation opportunities to tourists at camping areas and facilities. Photography, bird observing, swimming and diving are also possible in the lake for visitors. It detailed that the 12-hectare picnic area around the lake was turned into a nature park in 2001 by the Nature Protection and National Parks Regional Directorate. Salda lake gains much of its momentum through photos shared by visitors on social media, which shows white sandy beaches and azure waters similar to the Maldives, thus dubbing it the "Turkish Maldives".