MWSC to install 26,000T water storage system in Malé city

Managing Director of Malé Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC) Abdul Matheen Mohamed has announced that MWSC will be installing a 26,000 tonnes water storage system in Malé City. This initiative is part of the company's efforts to enhance water production and storage in the city.

Speaking on a PSM News programme, Matheen highlighted that water production and storage in Malé are currently being managed with outdated and repaired equipment. He emphasised the need for additional space to expand the water system and mentioned that special projects have been launched to increase the capacity of both water production and storage systems. The company aims to increase water production capacity by 10,000 tonnes within the next year, with work to expand water storage capacity to 26,000 tons set to begin next month.

Matheen also underscored the importance of ensuring a reliable water supply from Hulhumalé to Malé in case of emergencies. He revealed that MWSC is working on establishing a water connection system between Hulhumalé and Malé, which will circulate 800 tons of water per hour.

Currently, MWSC produces 20,000 tonnes of water to supply Malé City, providing 18,000 tons of water daily to the public.