ACC discloses challenges in recovering USD 8.3 million lost by the State

President of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Adam Shaamil has disclosed the commission's difficulties in recovering USD 8.3 million lost by the state. He made this statement during the inauguration ceremony of the corruption risk self-assessment toolkit digitalized platform.

Shaamil highlighted that efforts to recover the USD 8.3 million have been ongoing since 2023. However, constitutional obstacles have been a significant hindrance. One of the main concerns of the commission's staff is the lack of authority to file cases in court, which Shaamil identified as the biggest constitutional barrier.

Shaamil noted that after thorough investigations, the commission decided to recover USD 8.3 million for the state. They identified those responsible for returning more than USD 3.2 million. The commission has conducted asset recovery research to facilitate the recovery of the lost funds and is now implementing a five-year plan based on the research results.

Additionally, Shaamil mentioned that the commission is drafting a law to address these issues, which they will present to the Attorney General next week.