Sports Minister advocates for increased exercise facilities to promote healthier society

Minister of Sports, Fitness and Recreation Abdulla Rafiu has emphasised the expansion of exercise facilities is essential for building a healthier society with fewer diseases. Minister Rafiu made this statement during the reopening ceremony of the newly refurbished gym at the Salahuddin parking area.

The gym was officially reopened by Minister Rafiu and Male’ City Council’s Mayor, Adam Azim. In his address, Minister Rafiu highlighted that investments in creating a healthy community are highly beneficial. He pointed out that noncommunicable diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol are prevalent in the country, and regular exercise is one of the most effective ways to prevent them.

Minister Rafiu also mentioned that increased public participation in fitness activities strengthens societal relationships and contributes to mental wellness, aligning with the government's goal of fostering a healthier society.

Mayor Azim echoed the Minister's sentiments, expressing his commitment to collaborating with the Sports Ministry to establish more gyms across the city. He mentioned plans to ensure that outdoor gyms are always accessible, with shaded areas to enhance user comfort.

The reopening of the gym marks one of many initiatives aimed at providing residents with ample opportunities for sports and recreation, reflecting the ongoing efforts to improve the city's fitness infrastructure.