New local markets to be established in collaboration with Gov't

Mayor of Male' City Council Adam Azim has stated that new local markets, including fish markets, will be established with the assistance of the government. The mayor highlighted that the collaboration of the government will significantly benefit the Council and the government as well as the residents.

Speaking at a programme aired on PSM News, Mayor Azim disclosed that works to develop and advance the fish market were ongoing under the Ministry of Construction and Infrastructure when he began his tenure. He reiterated the Council's commitment to provide all the necessary support to the government pertaining to the developmental initiative.

Furthermore, Mayor Azim stated that the two land plots allocated for the establishment of a temporary market were insufficient for the existing market cells. Hence, an additional land plot has been designated and handed over to the ministry as well.

The government has decided to develop the local fish market such that it is a seven-storey market. It additionally announced that the establishment of the permanent market will commence upon completion of the development of the temporary market. This development aims to address space constraints effectively, with provisions for dedicated parking areas to alleviate traffic congestion in the area.

The transfer of market services to operate under one roof is an ambitious vision of President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, with substantial progress reported by the government on various aspects of the project.