Chinese president urges strengthening bilateral ties with Maldives

President of China Xi Jinping has revealed his wish to strengthen strategic ties with the Maldives. The remarks were made by the president of China, in a letter congratulatory letter delivered to President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, on the occasion of his birthday.The letter was presented to President Dr. Muizzu by the Ambassador of China to the Maldives Wang Lixin.

In the letter presented, President Xi Jinping expressed his sincere greetings and best wishes to President Dr. Muizzu. He also emphasised the importance of bilateral relations and reiterated his enthusiasm for strengthening the China-Maldives Comprehensive Strategic Cooperative Partnership and jointly building a China-Maldives community with a shared future.

Meanwhile, President Dr. Muizzu expressed gratitude to the Ambassador for personally delivering the letter and stated that it was a tremendous pleasure to receive it. The President had also written a congratulatory message to President Xi Jinping, who celebrates his birthday on the same day.

The discussions further focused on enhancing collaboration and improving bilateral ties between the two nations. They also discussed future agreements and forthcoming collaborative initiatives for development. Additionally, the Chinese Ambassador stated that China is determined to assist with the Maldives' economic development and inquired about areas where the Maldivian Government requires additional assistance.

Concluding the meeting, President Dr. Muizzu and the Chinese Ambassador expressed optimism for a successful bilateral relationship in the future.