President urges celebrating Eid abiding to Islamic values

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has urged all individuals to celebrate Eid al-Adha in accordance with Islamic principles, urging against the incorporation of foreign traditions. The president made the request while conveying heartfelt felicitations to the residents and the entire Islamic Ummah, holding Eid celebrations.

In his message, President Dr. Muizzu stated that Eid celebrations symbolises the unity of the Islamic Ummah, as mentioned by the Holy Prophet Mohamed (SAW). The president emphasised that the most striking illustration of the metaphor; when one part of the body experiences pain, the entire body bears the pain can be observed within the Ummah, as Muslims worldwide will continue to pray and offer assistance to the Palestinians on this special day. He reiterated the Maldives' steadfast commitment to the rights and freedom of Palestine, promising their remembrance in the prayers of all Maldivians.

Describing that Eid al-Adha is celebrated following one of the most blessed days of the year; the day of Hajj, President Dr. Muizzu urged all individuals to always reflect the countless blessings bestowed by Allah. The president also underscored the crucial importance of celebrating Eid while upholding Islamic values, without mixing with foreign and secular practices. Highlighting that Eid is a joyous occasion with many islands welcoming visitors, he urged all islands and families to prioritise Islamic values and principles, while treating guests with kindness and respect.

Furthermore, President Dr. Muizzu stated that the lighting up of islands and cities and activities organised for Eid celebrations not only assists to enhance societal ties, but is also key evidence of the perfection and involvement within the religion. The president stressed the significance of fostering Islamic principles and teachings and patriotism in the hearts of children in these occasions.

Concluding his message, President Dr. Muizzu extended Eid felicitations to all residents and Islamic nations.