HDC orders removal of huts in Hulhumale' Phase II beach

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has ordered the removal of huts and objects placed by private individuals for beach development in Hulhumale’ phase two.

HDC strongly urged the removal of these structures in the three beach areas of Hulhumale’ phase two by June 15. This includes small outlets such as snack carts, coffee stalls, food huts, and other similar setups, which were not issued permits by HDC.

Moreover, HDC affirmed that the removal of these outlets is part of a broader beach development plan, further aimed at enhancing these areas with the necessary resources and infrastructure.

Furthermore, HDC shed light on the persistent complaints that have been received regarding the unplanned placement of these huts. In response, HDC is taking steps to revitalize the beach areas by introducing new resources and ensuring compliance with new regulations once these facilities are introduced.

Additionally, HDC strongly emphasised its unwavering commitment to optimizing the resources available in Hulhumale’ for the benefit of residents, ensuring that the development aligns with planned regulations and standards.

Despite some initial developments like benches and a temporary barbecue area, significant work remains to be done to fully develop the beach area of Hulhumale’ phase two. HDC has not yet established all the necessary facilities for this area.