Maldives President saddened over helicopter incident involving Raisi

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has extended solidarity and heartfelt wishes following the recent helicopter incident involving Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and his senior delegation.

In light of the distressing news, President Muizzu expressed deep concern and extended sincere hope for the swift and safe recovery of President Raisi and his team. He conveyed the unwavering support of the Maldivian government and its people to the ongoing search and rescue operations.

During this challenging time, President Muizzu emphasized the solidarity of the Maldives with Iran, underscoring the shared hope for positive updates and the safe recovery of the entire delegation.

Despite initial reports suggesting the location of the helicopter, the Iranian Red Crescent has dismissed these claims, leaving President Raisi's whereabouts still unknown. Emergency crews in Iran's East Azerbaijan province continue their diligent search near the Dizmar Protected Area, while the rest of the convoy proceeds.

In the Jolfa region of East Azerbaijan, where the incident occurred amid adverse weather conditions, numerous police and rescue teams are deployed, as reported by state media. The search remains ongoing, with no updates yet on President Raisi's condition.

The helicopter incident unfolded as President Raisi was returning from a collaborative project inauguration with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev at Iran's border with Azerbaijan.

Amidst these efforts, rescue teams, along with drones, have been dispatched to the area where the helicopter encountered difficulties, reflecting a comprehensive approach to the ongoing search and rescue mission.