Tree Top Hospital celebrates birth of first IVF baby in Maldives

Tree Top Hospital has welcomed the arrival of the first baby conceived through In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) within the Maldives, marking a momentous breakthrough in the nation's healthcare landscape. Born on May 12, 2024, to a Maldivian couple, this landmark birth symbolises newfound hope for individuals grappling with infertility challenges.

At a press conference, Chief Operating Officer at Tree Top Hospital (COO) Adil Moosa revealed a groundbreaking achievement in the hospital's fertility services: the successful conception of a patient who had previously undergone four unsuccessful IVF attempts abroad.

IVF Consultant Dr. Zakiya Ahmed highlighted that Tree Top Hospital currently boasts no waiting list for IVF services, with government approval paving the way for immediate consultation with specialists. Dr. Zakiya emphasised that despite approval, many individuals delay seeking treatment. With an in-house embryologist and streamlined processes, patients can access specialized care promptly. Furthermore, the fertility center extends services to women up to the age of 45, ensuring inclusivity and comprehensive support.

Situated within the Women and Child Centre on the third floor, the Tree Top Fertility Centre offers tailored fertility treatments at competitive rates of USD2,900 per cycle. This inclusive pricing encompasses consultations and both IVF and IUI procedures, aligning with Tree Top Hospital's commitment to affordability and accessibility. Importantly, this cost-effective approach ensures that individuals receive necessary treatments without incurring unnecessary expenses.

IVF and IUI treatments are prioritised for individuals whose fertility challenges persist despite medication or lifestyle adjustments.