Maldives welcomes nearly 100,000 tourists from China

Maldives has witnessed a remarkable surge in tourism, with nearly 100,000 tourists welcomed so far this year, spearheaded by a significant influx from China. While China ranked third in tourist arrivals last year, it has ascended to the top spot by May 14 of this year, with 92,773 visitors, comprising approximately 11.1% of total arrivals. Following closely behind is Russia, with 84,162 tourists.

The exponential increase in Chinese tourist arrivals marks a noteworthy shift in travel patterns, considering that China occupied the 27th spot in tourist arrival rankings in the previous year.

Statistics from the Ministry of Tourism reveal a robust uptick in tourism overall, with 833,728 tourists having visited the Maldives by this point in the year, reflecting an impressive 11.6% increase compared to the same period last year.

The top countries contributing to tourist arrivals in the Maldives include China, Russia, the UK, Italy, and Germany. On average, each tourist spends approximately seven days in the Maldives, with an average of 4,263 visitors arriving daily. This consistent influx has spurred the government to set an ambitious target of attracting 2 million tourists by year-end.

To achieve this goal, collaborative efforts between the government and the tourism industry are underway, with various promotional activities planned to showcase the Maldives as an irresistible destination for travelers worldwide.