3,123 cases of domestic violence reported within last 5 years

Family Protection Authority (FPA) has revealed that 3,123 cases of domestic abuse were reported within the past five years as shown by their statistics.

The statistical data indicates that2,601 cases were filed between 2013 and 2018, which is 522 cases less in comparison to the amount between the last five years. Details on the number of cases reported on a yearly basis are as follows; 558 cases in 2019, 654 cases in 2020, 577 in 2021, 720 in 2022 and 614 cases in 2023.

The data released by FPA indicates that 723 referral cases were submitted by various institutes and agencies as they receive reports. While the authority directly received 9 cases for referral in total, Maldives Police Service (MPS) received 236 such cases. Likewise, the former Ministry of Gender and Social Security attained 421 referral cases, while 57 referral cases were received by health centres.

FPA's data shed light on the 691 cases submitted last year, revealing that the majority of domestic violence was attributed to men. As such, 529 cases were filed due to the domestic violence perpetrated by men, 160 cases were reported to be women, with 2 cases involving individuals whose genders were not confirmed.

Furthermore, FPA's statistics indicated that 973 individuals were victims and were injured due to acts of domestic violence last year. This includes 619 females and 240 males. Among the reported cases, 114 issues involve individuals whose genders are not identified yet. Among the injured victims, 503 individuals are above the age of 18 while 469 are considered as children.

FPA disclosed that 59% of the referral's received were collected with the involvement of a third party. The remaining 41% of referrals were submitted by victims of domestic violence.

FPA highlighted the ongoing efforts to reduce acts of domestic violence within the society. Such measures include rehabilitating individuals who partake in such acts and filing cases to the court to take legal action against them. Additionally, FPA proclaimed to provide the service of seeking professional lawyers for victims who need assistance as well.