Maldives Showcased at Asia's Biggest Dive Expo

Maldives Marketing and Public Cooperation (MMPRC) has promoted Maldives at Asia's largest dive expo, Adex Ocean Mission 2024.

Notably, Adex Ocean Mission is a global platform where investors, scientists, marine conservationists and as well as underwater photographs can join together. Simultaneously, dive operators along with dive equipment manufacturers took part in the expo. It has been 26 years since the expo first commenced.

Remarkably, MMPRC has actively engaged in promoting Maldives as a leading tourism destination, following exposure globally. The very expo was carried out from April 12 to 14 at Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Providing insight on the expo, MMPRC affirmed that persistent efforts have been made to provide updated information regarding the Maldives to those interested in diving related activities. Moreover, initiatives have been taken to create awareness about the Maldives as a central hub prioritising diving and as well as marine conservation.

One of the primary incentives of partaking in such expos is to attract tourists from the South Asian region. While the tourist arrival from the South-East Asian region amounted 58,947, the number of tourists who visited from January and February totals to 7,481.

Additionally, efforts are currently underway to initiate joint marketing campaigns and outdoor promotional campaigns following active engagements with several stakeholders targeted towards tourists arrivals from the South-East Asian market.