New Faafu Atoll Hospital building construction starts this year: Gov't

Minister of Health Dr. Abdulla Khaleel has announced plans for the commencement of construction on the new Faafu Atoll Hospital building in Nilandhoo this year. He made the announcement during a gathering with Nilandhoo residents, coinciding with President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu's visit to the Faafu Atoll islands.

Speaking at the gathering, Minister Khaleel emphasised President Dr. Muizzu's commitment to enhancing the healthcare system in Faafu Atoll, ensuring continued development for the region. He revealed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the hospital's construction, with the design and service identification currently in progress. He also assured that the project would swiftly progress to completion, with the final contract imminent.

Additionally, Minister Dr. Khaleel disclosed plans to initiate hospital operations this year, including the launch of dialysis services in Nilandhoo, with intentions to extend such services across all islands in the atoll. He also pledged an expansion of hospital bed capacity with the new facility.

Furthermore, Minister Dr. Khaleel underscored the government's commitment to strengthening the primary healthcare system. He highlighted ongoing expansions in 10 atolls, with the second phase underway in Fuvahmulah City. He also said that the expansion aims to expedite the diagnosis and treatment of prevalent diseases, particularly Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs).

Moreover, Minister Dr. Khaleel stressed the significance of electing parliamentarians that align with President Dr. Muizzu's vision for national development and the welfare of the citizens.