President plans to develop an international mental hospital

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has revealed plans to establish an international hospital designated to treat mental illness, aiming to enhance the healthcare sector in Gan, Laamu Atoll. The remarks were made by the president while addressing residents of Gan.

Speaking at the gathering, President Dr. Muizzu disclosed the developmental plans for Gan assuring the anticipated results will be sustainable and will be achieved in a timely manner. Observing that housing was the key area for development on the island, the president affirmed the establishment of more than 100 units of housing. He highlighted that while over 40,000 housing units were planned to be developed in various parts of the country, arrangements to increase the area of housing units in Gan have been finalised to address the concerns of residents.

Revealing the vision of enhancing the healthcare systems, President Dr. Muizzu proclaimed that Gan Regional Hospital is one of the five hospitals subjected to be upgraded to tertiary hospital. Additionally, the president affirmed the development of an international mental hospital following the increasing number of mental health issues within the nation. He also envisioned to introduce medical tourism to the country as per his commitment.

Furthermore, President Dr. Muizzu pledged to launch several projects in the sports and education field as well. The president stated that efforts are underway to continue the halted projects while unveiling that despite the lack of the required budget to finance some developmental projects, the budget set for next year will secure funds for several projects.

On this stance, President Dr. Muizzu highlighted the pivotal role of parliamentary cooperation to fulfil the commitments of the president outlined in the manifesto.