Major developmental plan to be initiated in Bodufinolhu

Minister of Tourism Ibrahim Faisal has revealed that plans are underway for the development of Bodufinolhu, located in Laamu Atoll, under government control, emphasising significant tourism enhancements for the island.

Addressing attendees at a ceremony in Gan, Laamu Atoll, Minister Faisal reaffirmed the administration's commitment to substantial progress and development. He revealed that Bodufinolhu, initially allocated to a private entity in 2008 for a training resort, has been underutilized since then, prompting the government's intervention.

Minister Faisal confirmed the government's unwavering dedication to developing Bodufinolhu in line with the Tourism Master Plan. Furthermore, he highlighted the Asseyri Tourism Development Plan, endorsed by President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, aimed at bolstering tourism infrastructure with an additional 700 beds in Laamu Atoll, set to gain international recognition.

In addition, Minister Faisal announced plans for the development of four one-island concept resorts as part of the tourism development strategy, with potential investors to be engaged in upcoming investment forums.

Addressing challenges in air transport, Minister Faisal emphasised the importance of the new international airport in facilitating tourism progressions. He also outlined government plans to address high airfares to enhance accessibility for tourists, underscoring the commitment to fostering tourism growth in the Maldives.