Efforts underway to develop Hulhumale' Hospital to tertiary standard

Male' City Group of Hospitals has announced that Hulhumale' Hospital will be modified to serve as a tertiary hospital within the next three years.

Speaking at programme hosted by PSM News, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Hulhumale' Hospital Ibrahim Abdul Razzaq Haleem revealed ambitious plans to develop the hospital. Observing that the biggest challenge the hospital currently faces is due to the lack of facilities to cater and serve the increasing number of patients, CEO Haleem stated that four operation theatres will be commenced this year in addition to providing NICU and ICU services. Additionally, the CEO disclosed plans to establish a ten-storey building in the hospital grounds, affirming that requirements for the project are completed. He further proclaimed that the development will commence as soon as the necessary finances are secured. The development of the additional building will consist of 250 beds and private rooms, aims to expand the hospital's services and to increase the number of specialists to ensure quality treatment for patients.

Furthermore, CEO Haleem declared that efforts to increase the bed capacity of the hospital with additional 29 beds will commence after the holidays. This initiative targets to ensure that dialysis services can be obtained via Hulhumale' Hospital as well. The CEO also highlighted that the establishment of the new building will allow some works from the existing building to be transferred there, assisting to expand services specialised for women.

While Hulhumale' Hospital continues to provide numerous services, efforts are underway to expand the services and develop the hospital further as per the commitment of President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu.