Fuvahmulah city council initiates tourism zone development project

The Fuvahmulah City Council has launched a significant project aimed at developing a tourism zone within the city, covering an expansive area of 12 hectares. An agreement laying the groundwork for this transformative endeavor was recently signed between the Fuvahmulah City Council and Regional Airports, symbolising a pivotal step towards its realization. Mayor Ismail Rafeeq and the Managing Director of Regional Airports, Ahmed Mubeen, officiated the contract signing.

The comprehensive two-year agreement delineates the collaborative responsibilities of Regional Airports and the city council, encompassing investor recruitment, project design, and development. Mayor Ismail Rafeeq articulated his vision for the project, emphasizing the establishment of recreational service centers alongside accommodations for tourists.

With a focus on attracting more visitors to the city, Mayor Rafeeq highlighted ongoing efforts to bolster Fuvahmulah's air transportation infrastructure. Plans are underway to commence physical work on the development before the year's end, underscoring the council's commitment to swift progress. Additionally, discussions are ongoing to explore the potential expansion of Fuvahmulah's airport to accommodate jet landings.

Fuvahmulah City is renowned for its acclaimed diving spots, drawing a significant number of tourists seeking immersive experiences. Presently, the city boasts 21 guesthouses, catering to the influx of visitors flocking to explore its natural wonders.