President ensures food production for items in high demand in Maldives

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has announced the development of Uthuru Thila Falhu (UTF) as the primary hub to produce the necessary food items demanded by individuals, affirming that the positive results of this project will be recognised within his presidential term of five years. The president noted that this project is one of the biggest initiatives commenced to allow residents to experience the true feeling of living in the Maldives.

Highlighting on the importance of food production within the country, President Dr. Muizzu stressed that millions of dollars are annually spent on imported food items which could be produced within the nation as well. The president emphasised on the necessity of reducing such imports in order to strengthen the economy. He additionally stated announced that the project initiated by Food Security, will be commenced in other areas of the nation subsequently. He also affirmed that the results of the project can be observed within these five years assuring that all the necessary food items demanded by residents will be produced within the country.

With an aim to ensure the food security of the nation, agreements have been signed by Maldives Industrial Development Free Zone (MIDFZ) and China's Harbour Engineering Company Limited. The agreement primarily outlines initiatives to develop an area designated for agricultural purposes.