Over 600,000 visitors, 15% growth in tourist arrivals

The Ministry of Tourism has released its latest daily reports, indicating that tourist arrivals in the Maldives surpassed six hundred thousand by March 31. Statistical figures reveal a significant 15.3% increase in tourist arrivals within the first three months of this year compared to the same period in 2023, with 604,004 tourists visiting the country in 2024 compared to 523,928 in 2023.

The tourism industry's growth trajectory was particularly notable in February 2024, which witnessed a record-breaking number of tourist arrivals, exceeding two million. On average, the Maldives welcomes approximately 6,265 tourists daily, with visitors spending an average of 8 days during their stay.

The breakdown of tourist arrivals by month is as follows:

In January - 192,385 tourist arrivals
In February - 217,394 tourist arrivals
In March - 196,227 tourist arrivals

Chinese tourists constitute the largest portion of total tourist arrivals so far this year, accounting for 11.2% of the overall figure, with 67,399 visitors. Following China, Russia and the United Kingdom stand out as the next highest sources of tourists, with 61,752 and 58,382 arrivals, respectively.

In conclusion, while the Maldives has already welcomed over six hundred thousand tourists, the government remains committed to achieving its target of attracting two million tourists. To achieve this goal, the government plans to initiate various advertising projects and programs aimed at promoting the Maldives as a premier tourist destination.