Aasandha scheme facilitates medical examinations for ages above 35

The Aasandha scheme has initiated the provision of medical examinations for individuals over 35 years old, along with medical check-ups for students through state-owned hospitals.

As part of the 'Week 14' roadmap, Aasandha has implemented biannual medical examinations at government facilities, ensuring essential healthcare services for all individuals. Specifically, medical check-up packages have been introduced for those aged over 35, while medical screenings for students are organized based on grades determined by the Ministry of Education. These screenings are available for students under 18 years old.

Since its inception on January 1, 2024, Aasandha has made adjustments to age groups and packages in response to implementation challenges. Notably, basic packages for 19-year-olds have been revised.

Starting April 1, Aasandha's extended age limit includes a comprehensive package offering early cancer detection tests for individuals over 35 and 45 respectively. While some tests are designated for specific periods, the rest can be conducted annually. Additionally, if doctors prescribe tests for a specified period, arrangements will be made through the Aasandha scheme.