President highlights community-based treatment for drug issue

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has emphasised the need for a community-based treatment system to address the drug issue, affirming ongoing efforts towards its establishment. He made the statement during the "Raees ge Javaab" series, which facilitates direct public interaction with the President on diverse issues.

During the series, a citizen, Aishath Sherin, inquired about the government's post-treatment rehabilitation efforts for drug users, seeking insight into the national strategies aimed at reintegrating them into society. In response, President Dr. Muizzu acknowledged the longstanding challenge of the drug epidemic in the Maldives, particularly among youth and diverse age groups. He underscored his commitment to addressing the issue effectively, highlighting the centrality of community-based rehabilitation in his manifesto.

President Dr. Muizzu disclosed that his administration has discussed and formulated policies to fulfil this approach. Emphasising the necessity of high-quality rehabilitation centres, he announced plans to establish such facilities across different regions, with identified locations already in progress. In addition, he outlined the government's involvement in various initiatives aimed at treating drug addiction and facilitating societal reintegration.