President announces plans to develop Thulhaadhoo airport and 100 housing units

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has announced plans to develop an additional 100 housing units in Thulhaadhoo, Baa Atoll, along with the airport development project. The President made this announcement while addressing residents of Thulhaadhoo during a community meeting.

Acknowledging the long-standing requests of the people of Thulhaadhoo, the President assured them that the airport project, requested for about 15 years, would be realised during his term. He emphasised that the project would be carried out in alignment with the wishes and expectations of the people.

President Muizzu mentioned the need to change the scope of the project for long-term sustainability and assured that the government would continue the airport project accordingly.

In addition to the airport project, the President revealed plans for a land reclamation project in Thulhaadhoo. This project aims to add land to the island for housing, industrial purposes, and various other uses. As part of the effort to address the housing problem on the island, President Muizzu announced the development of 100 housing units in Thulhaadhoo this year.

The President also outlined plans to enhance health services, modernise roads, and develop an indoor-outdoor sports facility on the island. Recognising Thulhaadhoo as a handicraft island known for lacquer work, President Muizzu expressed the intention to revive this traditional art. He announced efforts to establish a center for teaching handicrafts, aiming to revive the cultural heritage of the Maldives which is expected to increase the productivity of workers and provide income generation through exhibitions.

Thulhaadhoo has a population of over 3,000.