President meets In'guraidhoo Island Council and WDC

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has met with the In'guraidhoo Council and Women’s Development Committee members to discuss the key concerns and development priorities for the Island. The meeting was held at the In'guraidhoo School.

During the meeting, the Council underscored the erosion issues in the Island, the necessity for harbour-related developments, the importance of a slipway, the urgent initiation of construction for 100 housing units, the incorporation of additional major roads in the ongoing road construction project, and the timely completion of school classrooms. Council Members also stressed the importance of resolving space shortages in the Council Office, and addressing various other developmental aspects on the island.

President Dr. Muizzu, accompanied by the Cabinet Ministers present at the meeting, offered updates on the Government's ongoing initiatives aimed at addressing the issues raised by the Council.