China hands over 12 green ambulances to Maldives

China has handed over 12 eco-friendly ambulances to the Maldives.

First Lady Sajidha Mohamed attended the handover ceremony of the green ambulances. The event encompassed the official signing of the handover certificate from the Chinese Embassy to the Maldives Ministry of Health. Ambassador Wang Lixin of China handed over the green ambulances, which were received by Minister of State for Health Khadeeja Abdul Samad Abdulla.

The Ministry of Health highlighted that the ambulances, donated by the Chinese government, aim to bolster the swift delivery of emergency healthcare across the Maldives' islands, particularly during times of disaster and crisis. The vehicles will facilitate healthcare access in remote islands where navigating large ambulances is challenging.

Emphasising their eco-friendliness, the ministry underscored the importance of such vehicles in a nation with a delicate environment like the Maldives. Plans are underway to deploy these ambulances to smaller islands, ensuring equitable access to healthcare services across the country.