Gov't seeks legal advisors to start emergency helicopter service

The Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation has stated that it is seeking an experienced legal consultancy service provider for the Provision of helicopter emergency services in the Maldives project.

In a statement, the transport ministry said that the six-month project aims to assess the risks and impacts associated with helicopter operations. The ministry said that the implementation of the helicopter emergency service project will be contingent upon meeting national aviation, operational, and clinical standards. It added that the scope of work encompasses drafting notices for helicopter services, evaluating received bids, and drafting all necessary legal documentation, including the formal project agreement.

The ministry said that the selected consultancy service provider will be tasked with overseeing all legal aspects of the project to ensure compliance. The ministry is also committed to adhering to best legal practices throughout the processes, including the tendering process. The application deadline for interested parties is March 13.

Helicopter services were previously available in the Maldives from the early 1990s until 1999 under the name Hummingbird. However, due to unfortunate incidents, the service was discontinued.