President meets with 100 councils in three months

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has been engaging with local councils since assuming office, having met with 100 councils within the past three months and two weeks. As the 100th council, he met with the Rasgetheemu Island Council during his ongoing visit to Raa Atoll, with the meeting taking place in Ungoofaaru.

The effort underscores the President's commitment to working closely with local councils and citizens, marking it as one of his paramount responsibilities. His current journey through the atolls signifies his ambitious goal to visit every island of the Maldives within the year, having already reached 50 islands across 10 atolls. While it may not be feasible to visit every island during this particular visit, he ensures to engage with all island councils within each atoll, in addition to atoll and city councils.

The councils expressed gratitude for President Dr. Muizzu's early and direct engagement with them, acknowledging the opportunity to interact closely with him and directly convey their plans for island development. The President's proactive approach contrasts with the previous practice where councils had to schedule appointments in the capital city, Male', to meet with the president. The councils welcomed the initiative to meet them on their respective islands or atoll areas, providing them with a platform to present their concerns and proposals to the President and his ministers.

President Dr. Muizzu has set an ambitious target to visit all the atolls in the Maldives within the next 2-3 weeks. Moreover, he aims to visit every island in the country at least twice during his five-year term, with plans to extend this commitment into 2026.