"Past governments' lack of vision hindered air ambulance launch"

Minister of Health Dr. Abdulla Khaleel has underscored the failure of previous administrations to initiate air ambulance services despite possessing the necessary resources. He made the remarks while speaking at a gathering with the residents of Alifushi, during President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu's current visit to Raa Atoll.

Speaking at the gathering, Minister Khaleel praised the recent commencement of air ambulance operations in the Maldives as a significant milestone. He attributed the achievement to the visionary leadership of President Dr. Muizzu.

Additionally, Minister Khaleel emphasised that the establishment of air ambulance services could have been established earlier without substantial financial outlay, as resources were already available. He reiterated President Dr. Muizzu's commitment to enhancing healthcare services and safeguarding citizens' lives, noting plans for further expansion of the air ambulance network.

Furthermore, Minister Khaleel highlighted President Dr. Muizzu's approach to executing development proejcts nationwide, expressing a desire to expedite such projects. Acknowledging a lack of progress in Alifushi over the past five years, he assured residents of the government's dedication to swift project implementation.