STO releases first shipment brought to Ramadan to market

The State Trading Organisation (STO) has released the first shipment of onions, potatoes, and eggs brought to Ramadan into the market.

As part of an annual import tradition, STO imports these essential commodities and makes them available for wholesale and retail in the Maldivian market.

The initial shipment, including onions, potatoes, and eggs, has arrived in the city and is now ready for sale. These items are expected to be available at affordable prices until the end of Ramadan.

To support consumers during Ramadan, STO has set prices at USD 1.30 per kg for onions, USD 0.97 per kg for garlic, and USD 0.11 for eggs.

These products, particularly onions, eggs, and potatoes, witness increased demand during Ramadan. By offering these essential items at reasonable prices, STO aims to mitigate the impact of rising demand on prices in Maldivian shops and markets.