President criticises Parliament of influencing judiciary

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has raised concerns about the apparent attempts by the Parliament to influence the judiciary, as he addressed the people of Holhudhoo, Noonu Atoll.

Highlighting the separation of powers within the Maldivian system – executive, legislative, and judiciary, the President expressed unease over recent developments that seem to contravene the principles of this system. He specifically mentioned the Parliament's attempts to assert control over the judiciary.

President Muizzu emphasised the current situation where the Parliament seems to wield influence over the judiciary, even rendering Supreme Court orders ineffective in its presence.

He went on to assert that certain members of the parliament are working to shape the nation's affairs under external influences. In light of this, the President urged the electorate to choose individuals in the upcoming parliamentary elections who prioritize the interests of the people and the country.

Reflecting on his role, President Muizzu stated that the people elected him to safeguard the true independence of the Maldives. He underlined the significance of ensuring full control over the management of the Special Economic Zone for the genuine preservation of the country's independence. The President assured the public of his commitment to this cause and ongoing efforts to achieve it.