Funds will be allocated for Addu tourism zones development

Minister of Tourism, Ibrahim Faisal, has announced the initiation of efforts to allocate funds for the development of designated areas in Addu City for various tourism purposes.

In an interview with PSM News following his visit to Addu City, the Minister shared that during his trip, he engaged with tourism investors and key stakeholders in the sector. A key takeaway from these discussions was the realisation that previous governments had not optimally facilitated the development of land allocated for diverse tourism purposes. In response to this, the Minister expressed the commitment to finding a solution and assured that the process of securing the necessary funds for the development would commence shortly.

Faisal also shed light on the Addu Asseyri Tourism Development project, emphasising its significance as a commitment of the President. He assured that the tourism project would be executed expeditiously under the President's guidance.

The Addu City Asseyri Tourism Development Plan is slated to unfold over the next five years, promising comprehensive growth and enhancement for the city of Addu.