Hiyaavehi portal to ease participation in housing schemes

Minister of Housing, Land, and Urban Development, Dr. Ali Haidar Ahmed, has stated the launch of the Hiyaavehi portal will enhance access to information and participation in housing schemes.

Speaking at the launch ceremony, the Minister emphasised the government's commitment to providing a user-friendly interface for citizens to engage with housing projects.

Minister Haidar highlighted that the Hiyaavehi Portal serves as a comprehensive digital platform, offering information on various housing projects and services through a single window. The portal's primary objective is to simplify the application process for housing and loan schemes, while also facilitating housing needs assessments through councils to identify those in need of housing in the country.

Additionally, the Minister assured that the portal would house information from government ministries, with measures in place to maintain the confidentiality of personal data, ensuring the security and privacy of users.

Minister of Social and Family Development, Dr. Aishath Shiham, officially launched the portal during a special ceremony at the Ministry of Housing. Part of the government's promises and a crucial task in the 14-week roadmap, the Hiyaavehi portal offers real-time updates on housing application statuses.